Bath and Kitchen


For many modern homes, the bathroom is no longer a utilitarian space.  While it serves a functional purpose, the bath also can be a retreat and personal space that provides comfort and relaxation.

A makeover can bring your home’s elegance and sense of style into your bathroom. The results can transform how you think about and use this space.

We can either refresh your current space, leaving the same layout of counters, tub, shower and toilet, or start with a blank canvas to create a whole new look, complete with new custom cabinetry.

If space allows, we can make your bath area larger, like those found in many of the new homes today; some baths are even larger than their adjoining bedrooms! Many designs nowadays include oversized tubs, separate his and hers showers, dressing tables and even a nook for gym equipment.

The makeover process starts with a visit and a careful study of your existing bath. You’d be surprised at how just a little creativity can turn an ordinary or out-of-date space into one of the most beautiful spots in your home.

Even a small bath can be made to look bigger with mirrored walls and better lighting.

In addition, materials of every texture, style and shape can beautify floors and countertops.

Sound exciting? Take the first step by call us today for a complimentary in-home consultation.


Transforming your dream kitchen into reality begins very simply – by scheduling an initial planning session to discuss your remodeling goals and budget.

We are trained to understand your needs and spaces, so our visit will be an exciting opportunity to talk about all the possibilities—even some you may not know. Most people remodel their kitchens only once in a lifetime, so we want to make it a fun and rewarding experience for you.

The choices are almost limitless and include such popular options as granite countertops, drawer appliances, unique hardwood flooring, central islands, and ranges and fridges that are almost pieces of art, and beautiful custom cabinetry construction or cabinet re-facing that pulls the whole project together.

We’ll introduce you to a wide range of designs, colors and textures and we encourage feedback on what fits your own sense of style. Then, based on your needs and budget, we finalize a design that gives you the kitchen makeover of your dreams. 

Taste is obviously a very personal choice, and while we always like to show you the latest trends, we place a premium on listening to you. 

How N.E.A Bath & Kitchens works: 

You can choose to purchase our design services only or allow us to guide your project from concept through construction (by others) or you can contract with us the remodeling of your kitchen including design or not. Taking advantage of our full range of services minimizes the stress and bother of remodeling your home - and saves you money.